Partyfit Goddesses

I’ve been thinking about this post for a couple of weeks now, and I’m at the point where more contemplation is not going to help. The thing is, generally speaking, people who tell you to drink more water, limit your screen time and exercise are just annoying . . . jeez, we know! On the other hand, although I have injured myself a couple of times over the last twenty years (I don’t know any long haul Care Aides who haven’t), I consider myself super lucky to be almost 60 and feeling as great as I do.

Ever since I scuppered my arm right after my mom died (coincidence? I think not!) I do a stagnant little ten minute stretch and strength minimum every morning. It’s not hard, and I bully myself into it. “Honey,” I say, “You want to keep working, right? If you want to keep working, this is what you gotta do, period.” I do five pound reps of ten and I’m getting really good at counting in French and Japanese. Borrrring.

The real gold is where the endorphins are, and that’s where my amazing workout goddesses, Avery and Veronique come in. In 2014, they co-founded Partyfit, a high intensity dance fitness workout, and I’ve been dancing my heart out with them ever since. I love that I lose myself completely in my workout; I love that I always have fun.

Because I work with such a vulnerable population, I haven’t been to the gym since March 2020, but Covid 19 has made innovators out of everyone, and the bonus is, you don’t have to live in Victoria to Partyfit any more. You can meet Avery and the Partyfit Team here:

And you can find Veronique at

Someday I’m going back to the gym, but for now, thanks to Vero and Avery, let’s just say I’m happy dancing with myself.

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