Book Club Questions

  1. Do you feel a sense of connection with any of the characters in this novel? If so, which ones? Why?
  2. Do any of the characters remind you of people you know? How?
  3. Did anything surprise you about the circles of care developed by residents and staff in this community?
  4. What five words would you use to describe the residents’ relational lives with one another? The community relationships between staff?
  5. Have you ever, like Fran, looked at Extended Care and thought, “I’d rather be dead”? Did this novel change your perspective? In what way?
  6. If you lived in a facility like the one Fran lives in, how would you contribute to the daily life if
    1. you had become non-verbal
    2. you were in deep pain
    3. you were very lonely
  7. How would you fill out your Degree of Intervention? Did this novel nudge you to have conversations about End of Life wishes?
  8. It takes Fran a long time to understand that she needs to forgive herself. Why do you think that is?